Feng Shui Beratung Hammer

Beraterin für klassisches Feng Shui und Lifestyle

My name is Marita Hammer.

I am a certified consultant in classical feng shui.

I was a student of a recognized expert on Feng Shui, the writer Hedwig Seipel.

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese scholars who have studied the relationship between man and nature and has the goal of creating a harmonious interaction between people and environment surrounding space.

In Feng Shui there are five traditional elements of Chinese philosophy: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. All five elements must be in harmony with each other!

I offer Reiki as one of the possibilities of their own stimulation of the human body.


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Telephone:  (+49) 0171 / 299 37 02

Email: berater@feng-shui-hammer.de